Individual Language Coaching

The individual language coaching in three steps brings the language into your life.

Have you always wanted to learn a new language or freshen up your language skills?

Do you want more than just to sit through classes, but rather, to actively understand, read, write and speak a language fluently?


I will guide you with my individual language coaching. Step by step, together we will bring the language into your life.


Step 1

A straight path never leads anywhere except to the objective. ~Andre Gide

 That is why we will first determine your objectives, including how you want to use the language.


Step 2

“Explain, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.“

BTW: Confuzius (551-479 BC)




You will take a test about your learning styles. After determining your learning type, we will create a personalized learning strategy for you.


Step 3

During the coaching we will plan activities for you that are fun and emphasize the usage of the new language in your daily life.

Before you know it, the new language is already an intrinsic part of your life.




Flexible, real-time coaching wherever you are: the coachings take part in a virtual classroom using the webinar platform “spreed”.



Just sign up for a trial lesson with no obligations.

Please contact me for the free introduction and trial lessons here……








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